To put it simply: It’s time to grow.

Blueprint58 has been operating out of small spaces since the very beginning. Whether those spaces were our own homes or small churches, we became increasingly aware that as we expanded, those spaces felt smaller and smaller. Ultimately, we began placing limitations on how many people we could serve, based on the space available.

We believe transformation happens gradually, as it did with Blueprint58, through continuing conversation and relationship. This building will not only provide our staff with a place to continue developing programs, but it will also provide the community with a creative, safe space to incubate transformative relationships that will in turn, impact the community as a whole.

A library and tutoring space, as well as office space for Blueprint 58 to grow in presence and service to the community.

Housing for both staff and transient youth involved in programming and relationship with Blueprint 58 who may need temporary housing.

A space for monthly meetings, mentor and other events, tutoring, a library, enrichment classes, and quality office space for our team.

A physical example of the work we do in the community to donors and potential donors.

“Sustainable changes in community occur locally on a small scale, happen slowly, and are initiated at a grass-roots level.” – Peter Block

“I think we should have more coffeehouses, more cafes, more “third places.” More places where people can get together that’s not work, not home, and where they can interact with people who are different from them” – Eric Seiner

Our hope for our building is to provide our community with a space where students will enter our building feeling like they have reached a safe and welcoming place that would allow them to grow and build lasting relationships. Practically, we want to create a space that feels comfortable like a home where we can host community dinners and football banquets. We hope to create a warm and welcoming environment for students to play games, gather for prayer, and study.
Our vision for the building would be an innovative, beautiful space that remains true to the heart of the Pittsburgh neighborhood and restores the beauty of a building which has been in disrepair for so long.